Greta Thunberg is an environmental activist who isn’t timid about calling the bigwigs from their particular BS. She’s blunt, direct, and tells it enjoy it is actually. Without a doubt, that offends a lot of people, specifically males with delicate egos, exactly who feel the need in an attempt to belittle her intelligence and infantilize the woman to distract from her genuine message (helping to make a great deal of feeling). Just to illustrate? Jeremy Clarkson, most widely known for being the number of

Leading Equipment

and a
Grade-A twat
, has claimed that Thunberg “needs a smacked base” for… taking a stand for what’s right?

The facts about Greta Thunberg that renders all outdated guys get frustrated and defensive? Brilliant to see a lot of young people in Glasgow caring about it planet.

— crailpam (@PamelaW31260390)
November 7, 2021


  1. Thunberg makes some really good things.

    She is already been speaking from the actions needed to undoubtedly save the environmental surroundings for a long time, however it had been her current protest outside the COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland that really had gotten Clarkson’s goat. In an interview with

    The Times

    , Clarkson asserted that the guy doesn’t understand the “Greta Thunberg event” and this she “needs a smacked bottom.” Uh, gross.

  2. Apparently, the guy will follow Thunberg’s position.

    Thunberg required “immediate radical annual emission cuts” at COP26 and criticized the function as a “two-week-long event of company as usual and blah, blah, blah” used to “create loopholes to benefit by themselves.” She’s completely right about that, and Clarkson himself acknowledges that. But the guy took issue using the proven fact that she protested anyway, contacting it “pointless.”

  3. I suppose we must all just believe that the earth is destroyed acquire on along with it?

    At least according to Clarkson. “i merely do not get the Thunberg trend. This lady has no familiarity with the way the globe operates, no manners without emails after her title because versus planning to school, she actually is been hectic cruising across the world so she will be able to be mardy and abusive to grownups,” the guy mentioned.

  4. The theory that standard college = education is absurd.

    Clarkson is attempting to delegitimize every little thing Thunberg says by insisting that the only way she could know very well what she actually is discussing is… browsing senior school. In which green research isn’t really particularly taught, not on a deep amount. Observe he’s won that Grade-A twat label?

  5. Why is the guy writing about Thunberg’s “bottom” anyway?

    This will be perhaps the biggest dilemma of all: how come a 61-year-old man speaking about spanking an 18-year-old woman’s “bottom” as, I don’t know, discipline (???) for talking down about weather change? “What she demands is a smacked base. Discover a tip, Greta: lecturing me about what must be accomplished is pointless. It’d be like standing up inside my bedroom every morning buying us to wear clothes. I am aware currently,” he stated.

  6. Clarkson chose to throw-in some good ol’ xenophobia also.

    Not just one are outdone by scary statements alone, then he proposed Thunberg should change her ire towards Asia, totally ignoring the truth that Thunberg frequently phone calls out ALL world frontrunners for not performing about climate change. “What You Want To do alternatively is biking to countries where people are perhaps much less aware of what should be done. Asia eg. That I’d like to see,” the guy said. “Greta standing up outside Zhongnanhai with her parka along with her Glastonbury backpack and her microphone, lecturing the frontrunners regarding their plans on coal and trees etc.”

  7. He’s been facing understandable backlash about his remarks.

    Following meeting ended up being printed, men and women took to social networking to convey their very “WTF?” thoughts on Clarkson’s feedback. “What is it about Greta Thunberg that produces all outdated dudes get mad and defensive? Brilliant to see plenty young people in Glasgow nurturing about it environment,” one person blogged. Another remarked: “there is a creepy shivery filthy old-man weirdness to Jeremy Clarkson’s effort at laughter recently inside the anger at Greta Thunberg!”

Absolutely a scary shivery filthy old man weirdness to Jeremy Clarkson’s effort at humour recently in his trend at Greta Thunberg!

— Barbara Owens (@Barbara33834798)
November 7, 2021

61 year-old Jeremy Clarkson demanding 18 year-old Greta Thunberg getting the woman bottom smacked merits an even more WTAF???? reaction than it had gotten. Middle-aged white males utilizing line in to have pops at a young woman who is concerned about the environment is drilling weird

— Cormac O’Connor (@whoareyouanyway)
November 7, 2021

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