Hey there! Are you passionate about cycling and craving an experience that combines adventure, sustainability, and the sheer joy of exploring? Well, you’re in for a treat. The Netherlands, with its stunning landscapes and eco-friendly ethos, offers an array of cycling routes that are nothing short of magical. Imagine pedaling through picturesque meadows, camping by the serene sea, and embracing a holiday that leaves the lightest of footprints on our planet. Sounds like a dream, right?

Begin Your Adventure in Utrecht

Your journey kicks off in the vibrant city of Utrecht, the heartbeat of the Netherlands. This city isn’t just a starting point; it’s a gateway to an unforgettable adventure known as the Tour de Pays-Bas. Picture yourself cycling past the breathtaking Loosdrecht and Vinkeveense lakes, heading north with excitement in your heart.

1. Nature Campsite Callantsoog, North Holland

First stop: Callantsoog in North Holland. Here, you’ll find yourself camping among horses near the beach, surrounded by the beauty of nature. It’s a haven for bird enthusiasts and, if you’re visiting in spring, the tulip fields will leave you spellbound. Cycling through Tulip Land, you’ll witness the vibrant colors and the enchanting beauty of the tulips, making every pedal worth it.

2. Farm Campsite Schipluiden, South Holland

Next, we venture to Schipluiden in South Holland, a peaceful retreat amidst the bustling Randstad. Imagine waking up to the gentle mooing of cows, the neighing of horses, and starting your day with a fresh egg, courtesy of the local chickens. Here, you’re on the path of the longest cycling route in the Netherlands, which weaves through the nation’s heritage sites. It’s a journey through history, nature, and culture, offering you a glimpse into the soul of the Netherlands.

3. Ecological Camping in Ritthem, Zeeland

The final chapter of your adventure unfolds in Ritthem, Zeeland, where you’ll camp in a transformed food forest. Zeeland, with its polders, delta works, and beaches, is a testament to the Dutch spirit of harmony with nature. Here, you can experience the unique activity of mudflat hiking and savor the taste of local produce, fresh from the land. It’s a fitting end to a journey that’s as much about connecting with nature as it is about discovering new landscapes.

4. Back to Utrecht

With hearts full and spirits lifted, you’ll cycle back to Utrecht, completing the Tour de Pays-Bas. This journey is more than just a cycling trip; it’s an exploration of the beauty that lies in sustainable travel and the joy of discovery.

Sustainable Holiday

Opting for this cycling route isn’t just an adventure; it’s a choice to travel sustainably. With minimal CO2 emissions and a deep connection to the environment, you’re not just exploring the Dutch countryside; you’re honoring it. Our Campspace hosts are committed to sustainability, ensuring that your holiday leaves a positive impact.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bike and embark on the Tour de Pays-Bas, a journey that promises not only unforgettable memories but also the satisfaction of traveling with care for our planet. Remember, it’s not just about the destinations you visit, but the experiences you collect and the legacy you leave behind. Let’s make it a journey to remember, for us and for the environment.



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