Hey there! If the idea of sun-soaked beaches with stunning views sounds like your kind of heaven, then Croatia is calling your name. This country is home to some seriously gorgeous coasts where you can dive and snorkel, try out various water sports, or just work on getting that perfect tan. Let me walk you through our top 10 favorites. Ready, set, swim!

1. Bačvice in Split

This beach is one of the hot spots near the tourist magnet of Split, and it’s only a kilometer away from the center on foot. It’s a hit with both locals and tourists and is surrounded by loads of cozy bars and restaurants.

2. Zlatni Rat on the Island of Brač

Zlatni Rat translates to ‘Golden Horn,’ which perfectly describes the horn-shaped beach. Despite its popularity among tourists, it’s a spot you can’t miss. The beach constantly changes shape due to the sea currents and wind, making it a unique sight.

3. Punta Rata in Brela

Often touted as the prettiest beach along the Makarska Riviera, Punta Rata boasts crystal-clear waters that have earned it the prestigious Blue Flag rating, ensuring a top-notch swimming experience.

4. Kraljičina Plaza in Nin

Also known as the Queen’s Beach, Kraljičina Plaza is part of the sprawling 10-kilometer coastline near the town of Nin. It’s especially popular among families with kids due to its shallow waters.

5. Stivina on the Island of Vis

What makes this pebble beach unique is its location in a cove, almost completely enclosed by high cliffs, making it hard for large boats to access. You can only get there on foot or by a small boat, but the breathtaking view is totally worth the effort.

6. Rajska Plaza on the Island of Rab

Rajska Plaza means Paradise Beach, which pretty much sums up what to expect. It’s arguably the most beautiful beach on the island, with clear blue waters and stunning views that you must see for yourself.

7. Pécine on the Island of Krk

Located near Šilo, a fishing village on the island of Krk, this area is dotted with numerous lagoons where rocky and sandy beaches alternate. Pécine has long held a Blue Flag rating and is a great beach to visit with kids.

8. The Island of Lokrum near Dubrovnik

Lokrum is a small island just off the coast of Dubrovnik, about a 10-minute taxi boat ride away. It offers plenty to fill a day trip: a botanical garden, a royal fort, and an ancient Benedictine monastery. Plus, there’s a small lake connected to the sea where kids can have a blast swimming.

9. The Pakleni Islands

Opposite the town of Hvar lies the Pakleni archipelago, a collection of about 20 different islands. This area is often considered the most beautiful part of the Hvar Riviera, thanks to the abundance of secluded beaches.

10. Saharun on the Island of Dugi Otok

The water here is so clear and the sand so fine, you might think you’ve landed on a tropical island. Dugi Otok is an island off the coast of Zadar and is easily accessible by boat. On hot days, you can cool off under the pine trees or at one of the beach bars.

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