Summer is all about kicking back, relaxing, and recharging those batteries. That’s why picking the right spot for your vacation is super important. But hey, instead of the usual tent or caravan, why not go for something a bit more original this time? Glamping is perfect for the summer holidays, even if you’re tagging along with kids. You get all the comforts of home without dragging your own camping gear along. Plus, for a one-of-a-kind vacation, you don’t even need to step out of Europe. We’ve lined up 5 unique glamping spots that are ready for you to book for your summer getaway.


Ever dreamt of sleeping in a treehouse? Well, it’s totally possible! These days, there are places popping up everywhere offering stunning views from the treetops. These next-level treehouses come with all the comforts, allowing you to luxuriously enjoy the heights. On our website, you’ll find a wide selection of treehouses, both domestic and international, perfect for a romantic getaway or a family holiday. Check out all the treehouses.

Safari Tent

Staying in a safari tent might just make you feel like you’re in the African savanna! And there’s no shortage of animal sounds. Birds, frogs, and crickets provide a nightly symphony. There’s a safari tent for everyone; floating, among cows, or just at a regular campsite. The safari tents on our website are comfortably equipped with everything you need for a super relaxed vacation. Book your own safari tent for the summer holidays.


This could be the most romantic glamping accommodation out there! Gazing at the starry sky with a cozy fire crackling at the entrance, a tipi stay lets you unwind and relax completely. Plus, not many people can say they’ve slept in a tipi before. So, book your unique glamping night right away.


This hybrid between a log cabin, a beach house, and a tent comes in all shapes and sizes. These original accommodations offer the best of both worlds: an authentic camping experience without the hassle of bringing your own camping gear. Perfect for a family vacation or if you’re just passing through! Fancy an all-inclusive camping experience? You can easily book your vacation.


These traditional Mongolian nomad tents will awaken the traveler in you. The spacious tents are made from various materials, feature wooden floors, and are also very atmospherically decorated. Anyone who loves adventurous camping will feel right at home in a yurt. Ready for an adventurous summer vacation? You can book all our yurts.

So, there you have it, folks! Five amazing glamping options that are sure to make your summer vacation unforgettable. Whether you’re looking for romance, adventure, or just a cozy family getaway, these unique accommodations have got you covered. Happy glamping!


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